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Aligner design

suresmile aligner design is ideal for cases requiring moderate tooth movement. Designed to fit your plan, many patients are happy to finish their treatment in aligners rather than traditional appliances. For greater convenience, aligner designs can be printed out by suresmile, exported to a commercial lab or your own 3D printer.

Initial intraoral
August 2013

Planned result
November 2013

January 2014

Not only is suresmile aligner design fully adjustable—allowing you to customize aligners throughout each case — it
consistently delivers outstanding value.

Choose suresmile aligner design for cases requiring moderate tooth movement, including:

  • Aligner-only treatment.
  • Aligner treatment in conjunction with braces, either to start or finish cases.
  • Clear retainers at the end of treatment with braces–-the scan can be performed before removal of braces, eliminating an office visit and become the start of a practice retention program.

My practice often uses aligner therapy at the beginning and finish of treatment. Not only does suresmile Aligner Design put me in complete control, suresmile’s pricing program has already saved us thousands of dollars.

Dr. J. Peter Kierl

Edmond, OK

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