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suresmile… more powerful than ever

As a customized fixed appliance system for labial and lingual treatment with surgical design, an array of restorative planning tools, fully coordinated aligner design, and unparalleled accuracy of bracket placement, suresmile delivers proven case quality, case after case.

  1. Comprehensive control

    • Advanced smile design
    • Robotically bent wires deliver unprecedented levels of accuracy
    • The ability to create multiple case simulations
    • More intuitive and easy-to-understand.
  2. Built in “workflow intelligence”

    Making the case set-up process simple.
  3. Optimal planning & analytical tools

    • Bone and root modeling
    • Case quality scoring
    • Automated Bolton analysis
  1. Indirect bonding

    3D automation for fast digital evaluation of bracket placement.
  2. See everything

    View all available clinical options:
    • Blended treatment-lingual, labial, aligners
    • Surgery
    • Restorative
  3. 24/7 Access

    Easy access and convenient digital file storage.
  1. Data is secure

    Patient-identifying information is encrypted, including photos, x-rays and patient names.
  2. Open platform

    Accepts digital scans, both optical & CBCT images.
  3. Flexible file sharing

    Creates STL files for export for more accurate appliance fabrication.
  4. Convenience of the cloud

    Reducing hardware costs and dramatically lowering the cost of implementation.

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University studies

Recent studies show that suresmile achieves better or equal quality finishes in 30 percent less time while effectively achieving desired tooth movements.

Alford TJ, Roberts WE, Hartsfield Jr JK, Eckert GJ, Snyder RJ. Clinical outcomes for patients finished with the suresmile method with conventional fixed orthodontic therapy. The Angle Orthodontist 2011;81(3):383-88.
Saxe AK, Louie LJ, Mah J. Efficiency and effectiveness of suresmile. World journal of orthodontics, 2010;11(1):16.
Rangwala T. Treatment outcome assessment of SureSmile compared to conventional orthodontic treatment using the American Board of Orthodontics grading system. Graduate Research Thesis, Montefiore Medical Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Department of Dentistry, June, 2012.
Groth CG. Computer-assisted orthodontics: a blinded, multi-center analysis of finish quality in patients treated without extractions. Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2012.
suresmile conventional
CRE– Case Report Examination OGS– Objective Grading System

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suresmile at a glance

suresmile is a comprehensive approach to treatment, but it’s much more than that. It’s not just a clinical treatment system, but also a financially rewarding choice for your practice and a commitment to continuous improvement. To ensure this, each new suresmile practice is assigned a mentor doctor. We’re not just the industry-leading clinical treatment system, we’re a team dedicated to the success of every suresmile practice.

New pricing structure

  • No computer lease
  • Start and end service whenever you want

New generation of robotics

  • 4th generation of orthodontic robotic patents
  • Still the only digital treatment system delivering 1st, 2nd and 3rd order bends

Expanded treatment support options

  • Labial wire design
  • Lingual wire design
  • Case designs for treatment with aligners
  • Indirect bonding design
  • Surgical planning
  • Cosmetic treatment/implant simulation tools

Streamlined training program

  • Mentor doctor assigned to practice
  • Staff training in office
  • Doctor training now just 2 days in Texas

To be sure

  • 230,000+ patients treated
  • Bone and root modeling for new levels of precision planning
  • The simplified user interface features a more intuitive design
  • Pre-treatment case quality scoring
  • Real-time treatment simulations
  • Automated Bolton analysis
  • Laser-based wire marking and quality

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