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Resend records

Use this form when you are resending the digital models or photos for a fusion case.

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Rebond Scan

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Please select the type of case you want to start and then click on the "Buy Now" button. You will then be redirected to PayPal to pay for your case.

Introductory Pricing

fusion Upper & Lower Lingual
fusion Upper & Lower Lingual
fusion Upper & Lower Lingual
fusion Upper & Lower Lingual
fusion Upper & Lower Lingual


PayPal is a secure, online method for paying with a credit card. You can use PayPal without an account in most countries, or you can quickly and easily sign up for one to simplify future payments. See guidelines.

Set Up PayPal Account

PayPal as a payment service provider ensures that your credit card data is protected, and the payment process is easy and familiar. If you do not have a PayPal account, please go to your regional website and create a new account.

Some helpful notes about using PayPal with the fusion website:

  • The log-in name for your PayPal account is an email address. If you want to use more than one email address for payments, set up a separate account for each email address.
  • You must register at least one credit card number to be able to buy a fusion case. You can register more than one credit card per account. A credit card can be registered only once, and for one PayPal account only.
  • To create or update your account, you must go the PayPal website for your country. The PayPal website that you are redirected to from the fusion website is dedicated for payments only and does not have the full PayPal functionality for updating your account (and this differs from country to country).

Scanner promotion instructions

If you are eligible for the scanner promotion:

  1. Email a copy of your receipt to
  2. Use the PayPal button (Buy Now) on this page to pay for the case. After we receive your payment, a discount of 1.000,00 € will be reimbursed to your PayPal account.

Upload instructions

Please upload: photos as a zip file, 3D scans as .STL files

To streamline the upload process, please have the above records saved to your computer and ready to be uploaded.

  1. Export images from your digital imaging software.
    Carestream: Watch video | Download PDF
    cloud9ortho: Watch video | Download PDF
    Dolphin: Watch video | Download PDF If your digital imaging software is not listed above, please email:
  2. Create a zip file: Watch video | Download PDF

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