how suresmile lingual works

How suresmile lingual works

A 3-D model of your teeth allows us to analyze your bite from every possible angle. Using this model and suresmile’s computer analysis, we determine your optimal and customized lingual treatment prescription. Each and every movement of each and every tooth is calculated to create the beautiful, healthy smile of your dreams.

Initial intraoral

Actual result

Discover the smile of your dreams

suresmile digital technology helps us to achieve faster, more precise results.

Digital scanning
An initial 3D model of your teeth using digital scanning technology.
Treatment planning
Using 3D virtual simulations, your optimal treatment plan is determined.
Treatment designed just for you!
To achieve your treatment goals, customized wires are formed just for you.

Based upon your digital plan, suresmile technology provides a series of customized archwires that will gently move your teeth into their planned position, precisely. Since brackets are placed on the lingual side of your teeth, both bracket wires are not visible throughout the treatment.

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