suresmile... a treatment option that allows us to achieve our treatment goals reliably and in a very short time.

Dr. Woo-Ttum Bittner
suresmile doctor

Contemporary lingual treatment with suresmile

These days our patients demand reliable, fast therapy that is as close to invisible as possible. The lingual treatment option from suresmile offers a perfect way for us to satisfy this demand.

Initial Observations

A 26-year-old female patient presented for consultation as a 2nd opinion in our practice with a Class I bimaxillary inclination of both arches with severe crowding, massive wear of front teeth and a distinct deep bite. Beginning gingival recessions in the lower front with a thin gingival tissue were observed; all third molars were impacted.


Treatment Plan

(Phase 1) Treatment simulation
(Phase 2) Composite build-ups and suresmile tooth update


Treatment took a total of 9 months, during which lingual brackets were worn for just under 8 months. This treatment was more difficult because it proved necessary to bond sequentially as an additional partial scan was necessary for the lower right lateral incisor. The mid-treatment tooth build-ups in the maxillary anterior also necessitated an additional partial scan as a ”tooth update.“


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Dr. Woo-Ttum Bittner
Woo-Ttum Bittner is a specialist in orthodontics who graduated from the Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany. He is the founder of ADENTICS®, a group of orthodontic practices that focus on lingual treatment. As the first suresmile user for lingual in Europe, he has treated over 500 suresmile lingual cases.

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